Batman Dark Knight Tungsten Ring Polished Wedding Band

$ 225.00
Batman Dark Knight Tungsten Ring Polished Wedding Band

One of the most iconic symbols that can be recognized all around the world is the Batman symbol, but many people don't realize it has changed drastically over the years since it's creation. Bruce Wayne didn't choose bats as his symbol because he loved the little critters, but instead because he feared them. Bruce wants his enemies to fear what he himself fears most and in turn makes himself stronger. True Dark Knight fans can have any of these symbols engraved on the outside or inside of their ring along with a memorable Batman quote as well.

Tungsten is a hard and dense metal, with a high melting point; science and geology buffs might recognize it as W on the periodic table of elements. However, when it is combined with carbon alloy, it transforms into tungsten carbide (WC): one of the coolest metals on the jewelry market. Because this is relatively new metal to be used in jewelry, some common misspelling of "tungsten" are tungston, tungstan, tungstein and tungstin. The proper composition of tungsten carbide to have in a wedding ring is about 85% and the rest nickel, which is the purity level of all tungsten carbide rings carried by us. This optimal purity level gives the metal the most scratch resistant. Any more, the ring will become too brittle and any less, the metal will become too soft.



Size: Please Message ring size and band width desired, 4mm-6mm-8mm-10mm at time of order

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